Saudi Arabia: Reinventing Project Control Center (PCC) with viAct

Project Control Centers (PCCs) in Saudi Arabia are embracing AI to revolutionize traditional operations for jobsites. These centers, traditionally focused on overseeing project logistics and safety, are now integrating AI technologies to elevate their capabilities. AI is transforming PCCs by enabling predictive analytics, automating routine tasks and enhancing decision-making processes. Through machine learning algorithms, these centers can now anticipate potential risks, optimize resource allocation, and streamline operations for improved efficiency and safety. ARAMCO, a key player in Saudi Arabia’s energy sector, exemplifies this shift by leveraging AI within their PCCs to achieve smarter, data-driven project management and safety protocols, setting a new standard for industry practices in the region.

viAct, Asia’s top Sustainability-focused AI company providing “Scenario-based Vision Intelligence” solutions for risk prone workplaces has introduced emerging technologies disrupting traditional safety inspection protocols evolving regulatory landscapes in Saudi Arabia.

Here is how viAct powers Project Control Centers in Saudi Arabia with its proprietary AI:

Compliance Adherence with Video Surveillance System (VSS)

With a Project Control Center (PCC), adherence to Saudi Arabia’s safety regulations and standards becomes more robust. However, the robustness for complex projects in contemporary Saudi Arbian landscape cannot be simply fulfilled manual or CCTV based surveillance systems. viAct’s AI powered video surveillance system (VSS) is thus paving its way. viAct’s VSS system employs scenario-based AI algorithms that continuously analyze surveillance footage, swiftly flagging potential violations or deviations from safety standards. This advanced technology ensures meticulous oversight, enabling real-time monitoring of safety protocols, and precise identification of compliance gaps. This proactive approach fortifies adherence to regulations, fostering a culture of proactive safety measures across project sites.

Centralized Oversight with Centralized management platform (CMP):

Enhanced Efficiency with Smart Site Safety System (SSSS):

Streamlined Communication with Automated Alerts & Dashboard:

PCCs are meant to facilitate seamless communication among stakeholders involved in safety inspections. However, owing to the project sites in Saudi Arabian industries like construction, real estate, energy, oil & gas; manual way of safety reporting becomes insufficient to ensure quick corrective response. Thus, viAct’s digital work supervision system (DWSS) optimizes safety inspections by automated alerts that promptly notify stakeholders about safety hazards or compliance issues, enabling rapid response and mitigation. Additionally, the intuitive dashboard offers a comprehensive overview, consolidating real-time data on safety metrics and inspections. This seamless communication infrastructure ensures a safer work environment throughout projects despite large & complex project sites of Saudi Arabia. 

Data-Driven Decision-Making with Digital Works Supervision System (DWSS):

Digital Works Supervision System (DWSS), powered by viAct, upgrades traditional PCCs in Saudi Arabia by harnessing real-time data analytics and AI insights. It empowers stakeholders with comprehensive and precise information about ongoing project, enabling proactive risk identification and mitigation. By amalgamating AI capabilities with traditional PCCs; DWSS ensures an agile, responsive approach to safety inspections in Saudi Arabia. This fusion fosters a culture of informed decision-making, optimizing resource allocation and ultimately enhancing overall safety protocols with a focus on data accuracy and efficiency.

Conclusively viAct’s AI represents a quantum leap in transforming traditional project control centers across Saudi Arabia. By integrating viAct’s technology, these centers experience a seismic shift in their operations. The AI-driven capabilities revolutionize safety inspections by offering real-time monitoring and analysis of project sites through sophisticated video surveillance to detect anomalies, potential safety hazards, or compliance deviations with unparalleled accuracy in order to ensure adherence to stringent safety standards.

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