The 5 Best Mileage Tracker Apps to Help Your Small Business in 2022

If you’re running a small business, one of the things you need to keep track of is how much your employees are driving. By monitoring mileage, you can be sure that your tax deductions are accurate and that you aren’t paying more than you have to on auto expenses. To help you do just that, here are five of the best mileage tracker apps to look out for in 2022.

1) Gas Cubby

Gas Cubby is an app that helps businesses track the miles their employees drive on company-related business. It works well as a mileage tracking system for companies with small fleets because it does not require you to purchase or maintain a Bluetooth or cellular device for each vehicle. The app sends updates about your location every few seconds and then syncs them with your reports when you connect the phone again. If you choose Gas Cubby’s annual subscription, they will provide detailed reports with charts and graphs illustrating all of your trips, fuel stops, mileage patterns by month, and much more. All of this information can be used to better plan future business trips or even adjust the way you allocate budgeting dollars within the organization.

2) Google Drive

Google Drive is the app of choice for many small business owners. With Google Drive, you can store your files and access them from any device with an internet connection. Drive also offers a suite of collaboration tools that can be used to share documents with your employees, contractors, or clients. The best part? You can get started for free! If you have multiple teams or users sharing the same drive, it’s a good idea to set up shared folders so everyone can collaborate easily.

The downside of Google Drive is that if one person on your team changes a file offline and someone else needs it right away, they’ll have to wait until their colleague comes back online. It also lacks integrations with mileage-tracking software so there’s no way to automatically track mileage between drives. That being said, there are some great apps available below that help address these issues while keeping everything in one place!

3) My Trip Mate

My Trip Mate is a mileage tracker app that assists small business owners with their tax deductions. The app automatically tracks trips, calculates mileage, and stores all the data for submission. My Trip Mate’s integration with QuickBooks Online makes it easy for users to import their information and file their taxes in one place. The app sends reminders on when it’s time to file your taxes and offers tips on how to maximize deductions. With My Trip Mate, you’ll always have up-to-date records of all your mileage so you can be confident knowing that you’re getting the best tax refund possible! You don’t even need to spend any extra money on this app as it comes at no cost to you. Plus, there are features like unlimited account history access, editable trip statuses, and automatic syncing between devices.

4) TripLogz

TripLogz has been the mileage tracker app on the market for over three years, with more than five million users logging over 200 billion miles. We take every opportunity we can to improve our product and evolve based on what our customers tell us they want. The app is constantly being updated with new features, fixing bugs, and overall improving the user experience. Our goal at TripLogz is to help small business owners track their miles quickly, easily, and painlessly so they can concentrate on running their companies! Our comprehensive list of features will not only make it easier for you to keep your finances organized but will also give you the peace of mind that your business is on top of everything from start to finish. The result? More time doing what you love while saving money by avoiding unnecessary expenditures and fees.

5) MyTaxiPro

MyTaxiPro is an all-in-one app that allows you to track your mileage, gas mileage, and service records and even perform an oil change on your vehicle without ever having to leave the app. It’s a great tool for any small business owner with a truck or van who needs the ease of on-the-go access.

How does MyTaxiPro work? Simply enter the beginning and end of your trip (or just take a photo) then let our system automatically update your odometer reading, save your parking location and upload documents like receipts from each trip. If you want more granular control over how much you spend, you can use MyTaxiPro manually record each mile and kilometer as well! MyTaxiPro is perfect for small businesses because it offers detailed reports and graphs that are easy to understand, so you always know where your money goes.

This handy mobile app saves time, space, and money while providing accurate reporting and complete visibility into company expenses. We recommend MyTaxiPro for anyone looking to find the best mileage tracker app available today.

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