How to hire an intern in five easy steps and make sure they don’t kill your business

It’s important for both the company and the intern that you have a positive attitude. You need someone who wants to learn, who understands what it means to be on a team, and who will be able to take feedback. Someone who can see the bright side of things, even when there are obstacles, is always valuable. Positive people tend to do better work.


Interns should be current college students or recent graduates with at least some experience working on projects. It is also important that interns understand the limits of their position, are excited about helping you with your project, and have the ability to learn quickly. Here are 5 tips for hiring a good intern:

1)Create a list of qualifications

2)Advertise for the position


4)Check references

5)Determine how the internship should be compensated.

Basic competencies

1)Research- Interns should be researching their field, paying attention to trends, and learning from what other industry professionals are doing.

2)Presentation- Being able to communicate effectively is key for any employee, but it’s especially important for interns who might not have a lot of professional experience.

3)Organization– You’re going to need them to be good with data entry or organizing your filing cabinet or making phone calls on behalf of the company.

Must-have soft skills

Your internship should be valuable for both the employer and the intern. And, employers will be looking for soft skills in addition to tangible skills that interns can bring with them after their internship ends.

Great communication is a must-have because it allows your team to work seamlessly together. A willingness and desire to learn new things also have benefits outside of the office as it equips you with a well-rounded skill set that can aid you on future job applications.

Expected starting salary

Internships can offer a great experience for those who are eager to learn, but you might be wondering how much should you be paying them. Generally, most entry-level positions will pay between $12-$18 per hour. If the company is a nonprofit organization then the wage is typically lower but still in the neighborhood of about $10-$12. The bottom line?

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