Top 8 reasons you might get fired

So you’re in an entry-level job, and you think you’ve got it all figured out. But wait! There are some things that can get you fired! Here are the top 8 reasons employers have to let you go; learn from their mistakes and don’t make these same errors yourself!

Acknowledging Reality – This is Where it All Begins

No one wants to think they’re the wrong person for the job, but it’s a reality. What’s more, there are ways you can actively work on fixing these issues so that people are happy and have a reason to keep you around

Not Taking Responsibility

One of the things that will make a manager want to fire someone is not taking responsibility. Even if they’re not in charge, they still have to take responsibility for their actions. There are many situations where people try to shift blame elsewhere or blame accidents on somebody else – and those incidents can cost them their job. Of course, it’s important not to make excuses when mistakes happen, but it’s more important that employees own up and try to fix the problem instead of blaming someone else.

Failure to Give Recognition

You may have to commend and praise your team, but it is up to the manager to make sure people know that they are appreciated. It is also important for a manager to give credit where credit is due. Giving someone recognition is an easy way of letting them know they are valued on the team.

A Lousy Manager/Supervisor

A Lousy Manager/Supervisor may be difficult to spot right away. But don’t worry, your new boss will let you know. At best, a lousy manager is not very interested in developing his staff and does little coaching or training. At worst, he’s abusive, constantly yelling at employees and belittling them about their work or ideas. And that’s if he has any time for them at all!

Lack of Planning/Organization

No two people are the same and not every boss or business can be happy with your decision. A lack of planning and organization is a major factor in how happy employees make their superiors, so it’s best to avoid these kinds of situations at all costs.

One thing many bosses have in common is that they have little patience for an employee who does not know what he or she is doing at any given time.

Lack of Follow Through on Promises

One of the main reasons that people lose their jobs is when they do not follow through on what they promised. Losing the trust of your boss can lead to termination. Letting others down by not holding up your end of the deal will jeopardize your reputation and have a negative impact on your relationship with management.

Neglecting Business Relationships – Customers & Colleagues

One of the most important ways to maintain a thriving business is to invest in your relationship with clients and colleagues. As managers and founders, it can be easy for us to neglect the importance of these relationships because we may feel like we’re too busy running around.

Failure to Develop Others

Employees are the heart of any organization and they should be a top priority. They need to know that their efforts are going to be noticed, so it’s important to take steps in letting them know that their work is valued and appreciated.

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