The Top 8 Fireable Offenses: What Not to Do If You Want to Keep Your Job

We all make mistakes, but these particular ones can get you fired, and they’re especially bad because they’re pretty easy to avoid – with just some common sense and self-awareness. If you know what the top fireable offenses are, however, you can keep yourself from committing them, and increase your chances of keeping your job for a long time! Here are the top eight fireable offenses – don’t make any of these costly mistakes in your work life!

1) Don’t be late, be fired

Being late is a major fireable offense. Showing up late for work is disrespectful, as it implies that your job isn’t important enough for you to show up on time and do your best work. Being tardy also indicates that you’re not conscientious about meeting deadlines and responsibilities.

2) Don’t do drugs

Drugs are the most common fireable offense. Don’t get high at work and don’t smoke weed on the job. Even if it is legal in your state, it could be grounds for termination for being under the influence of drugs on company premises.

3) Don’t steal

Stealing is a major fireable offense. It is never okay to steal from your employer, even if you are not making much money. Stealing will always cost you your job and could lead to criminal charges.

4) Don’t discriminate

Discriminating against someone based on their gender, race, religion, age, disability or sexual orientation is one of the most serious offenses a manager can commit.

Title IX protects employees from discrimination in education programs and activities receiving federal financial assistance. Employers are prohibited from discriminating on the basis of sex in any educational program or activity that receives federal funding. Title VII also prohibits discrimination against employees for all other discriminatory actions not covered by Title IX.

5) Don’t abuse

There are many things you can do that could be considered abuse at work. Here are the top five don’ts to make sure your boss doesn’t see you as a problem employee.

1) Don’t yell or swear when speaking with customers, coworkers, or your boss.

2) Don’t speak poorly about others in front of others.

3) Don’t sit at your desk and talk on the phone during work hours.

6) Don’t threaten a co-worker

Threatening a co-worker is not only a terrible idea, but it’s also illegal. It can range from threats of violence or physical harm to threats of emotional distress or professional retaliation. Threats can be explicit or implied, and they’re always taken very seriously by employers.

7) Don’t be lazy

Being lazy is a no-no if you want to keep your job. Lazy employees do not get the same level of respect as hard-working ones and often find themselves getting passed over for promotion or even fired for their lack of effort. The following list highlights some other fireable offenses in order to help you stay out of trouble at work.

Poor Attitude – Having a bad attitude is never attractive, especially on the job.

8) Don’t get caught with your pants down (literally)

It’s a universally known fact that men are visual creatures, and when it comes to their jobs, they have the right not to be subjected to nudity at work. It’s one thing if you’re in a creative field such as modeling or acting, but it’s an entirely different story if you’re an accountant or data entry clerk. This is especially true if there are minors present.

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