8 Retail Store Design Ideas to Give You an Edge on the Competition

Retail store design matters more than you might think, especially as competition increases with the growth of online shopping options like Amazon and eBay. The wrong design can put off your customers, but the right one can be the difference between closing your store down and thriving in your industry. Here are eight retail store design ideas that will give you an edge over the competition.

1) Redesign Your Shop

  1. Blend in, don’t stand out Business Insider suggests that retailers should set their store up so that it blends in with their surroundings. If you have a shop nearby, leave room for walkers past your storefront and focus on being a part of the community rather than secluding yourself from your surroundings.
  2. Don’t overcrowd the entrance- Creating negative space within the store is important because it will draw attention to the items you are promoting in that area of the store. This is done by limiting what is on the walls and focusing more light and shelves on those products.

2) Change the Way You Display Things

One of the best ways to make your store stand out is by changing how you display things. In general, items are displayed in order from least expensive or most popular items at the front of a store, and more expensive or less popular items towards the back. But if you want your customers to see a certain item first, this can be done by grouping them together or putting them in a prominent place. The goal should always be to make your customers feel like they’re getting their money’s worth when they’re in your store.

3) Use Color Theory To Attract Customers

Studies have shown that color can affect moods and emotions. When looking at how you want your customers to feel when they enter your store, consider using color theory. Warm colors like yellows, oranges, and reds are energizing while cool colors like blues and purples are calming. Selecting a particular color scheme will help set the tone for customers as they enter.

4) Improve Lighting in Your Store

Most stores have a lack of natural light, which can make you feel less energized and more claustrophobic. It also makes it hard to see things clearly when you’re shopping, which can lead to impulse purchases. If your store has windows, invest in floor-to-ceiling curtains that are made from energy-efficient materials such as insulated or blackout fabric.

5) Rotate Products Often

Rotating your products frequently is one of the best strategies you can employ in your retail store. If done right, this simple tactic can make all the difference between mediocre and great success. And it doesn’t even require that much work! All you need to do is regularly put new items in front of your customers with some old favorites displayed behind them. This way, customers will see what’s new as well as be reminded of what they really want at that moment.

6) De-clutter Your Shelves

The old adage less is more rings true in retail environments. In order to create a feeling of abundance and make items feel less like commodities, make your shelves as sparse as possible. This will increase impulse purchases by making customers want what they can’t find on the shelf. Take this idea one step further and place items in hard-to-reach locations. This will also increase impulse buys because it adds a sense of value to those hard-to-find items.

7) Get Rid of Outdated Products

The best way to create space and make room for new, innovative products is by getting rid of outdated items. Get rid of all old inventory and unsold items, it’s time to clear out some clutter. A clean store means a fresh start for your business.

8) Use Smaller Packages

Retailers are always looking for new and innovative ways to attract customers. One way you can do this is by offering smaller, more compact packages of your product.

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